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Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering, and Production

Since 2019, I have contributed to dozens of recordings across a range of genres, including folk, pop, jazz, and alternative stylings. Some of these contributions are studio-recorded acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and vocals, whereas others are strictly related to production, mixing, and mastering.

Below you can find links to select examples of my catalogue of contributed music - if you are interested in commissioning one of these services, please use the Contact page below!

Sound equipment

List of Contributions

Below are brief overviews of the music-related services that I offer.

Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Recording

Acoustic - w/ Martin GPC11E or w/ Taylor 314ce

Electric - w/ Fender MIM Strat

Image by Andras Vas


Mixing services within Ableton Live Standard

Close Up View of Bass Guitar Strings

Bass Recording

Bass - w/ Ibanez SG SRF705 

5-string bass

Computer Sign In


Mastering completed in Ableton with LANDR mastering software

A woman singing in a record studio

Vocal Recording

Vocals - w/ Shure SM81, Shure KSM44A, or AKG P170

Audio Equipment


MIDI, ambient, and sound-based production with Native Instruments and Kontakt

Contributed Works

Tangled String - Shannon Tehya


Acoustic guitar on tracks 1-4, 6-7, and 9-11

Bass guitar on all tracks 1-11

Electric guitar on tracks 4-5

Harmony vocals on track 2

Iris - Shannon Tehya (ft. Hunter Frost)


Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, harmony vocals

Joan's Song - Shannon Tehya


Acoustic guitar

Holiday at the Hall - The Troupe


Lead vocals on tracks 4 and 6

Harmony vocals on tracks 1-2 and 9-10

Acoustic guitar on tracks 4-5 and 7

Bass guitar on all tracks 8-10

Arrangement on track 4

Instrument production and mixing

MOOD EP - Olivia Wilkerson


Acoustic guitar on tracks 1-4

Acoustic guitar composition on track 2

Follow Me - Rooftop Park


Track recording and production


(518) 603-4452

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